ITS Angelo Rizzoli:
A successful training Institute

ITS Angelo Rizzoli (a Higher VET Institute) was founded in 2011, as a result of the experience of the former Graphic Training Center, in order to promote post-graduate specialization courses in the graphic and communication sector.

Thanks to its network of companies, associations, research institutes, universities and agencies, it has further strengthened and enlarged its training offer, making it more and more modern and updated.

To date, we can say that we have achieved an enormous result: we have in fact established ourselves as one the main Institutes in Italy in the world of communication, style and graphic art.

A result that would not have been possible without the help of our teachers and young people, who each year continue to cultivate their passions and dreams by choosing ITS courses.

What do you do in a Higher VET Institute (ITS)?

Formally, in Italy  ITS Institutes are Higher Vocational Education and Training Centers.

But what do they really represent?

In addition to what defines the Italian legislation, ITS are much more: training, passion and the future.

These are the principles that lead our students every year to develop technical, managerial but above all collaborative skills that will help them enter the world of work.

ITS Institutes offer comprehensive training courses that include:

  • theoretical and practical lessons, taught by professionals of the sector
  • collaborations with companies in the new industry 4.0
  • experiences abroad, in other European and non European countries

Here are some concrete results: 80% of ITS graduates find a job in a year, with peaks of 100% for some of our courses.

Do you want to join this world too? Then get on board.

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